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OEM Switches

Sump Switches
Electronic Sump Pump Switch!
  • Replaces most float switches
  • Makes most manual pumps automatic
  • Easy to set high-water level
  • Low water level is computed automatically
  • Fits in very narrow sump pits, where most floats are hard to fit
  • Ideal for a second pump when space in the pit becomes very tight
  • Installation is easy, requiring no tools
  • Comes with 12' sensor cable
  • Plugs into a standard electrical outlet
  • No mechanical parts to wear out
  • This is a smart electronic switch with intelligence built in
  • The built-in intelligence warns if a pump becomes defective

10 years?  5 years? 3 months?
Sooner or later the float switch on your sump pump is going to fail.  There is no way to predict when it will happen, and there isn't any way to tell when it is starting to fail.  The only thing you will know for certain is that it has failed, and that is because you will have water all over your basement, and a big plumber’s bill to look forward to, ranging anywhere from $200 to $500! Plus the expensive repairs from water damage!

What is a float switch?
The float switch is what turns your sump pump on and off in response to the water level in the sump pit.  It’s like a beach ball that “floats” on top of the water.  When the water rises, the float rises with it.  When it gets high enough, a switch inside the float closes and turns on the pump, draining the pit.  When the water drops low enough, the switch inside the float opens and turns the pump off.  And the cycle is repeated hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of times during the life of the switch.

Why will it fail?
The float switch can fail for any number of reasons.  Many times the float simply gets stuck between the pump and the wall of the sump pit.  That’s because the pump vibrates slightly whenever it runs, and can "walk” across the bottom of the pit, eventually trapping the float between it and the side of the pit.  Other times, after so many up and down cycles, it just gives out and stops responding to the rise and fall of the water in the pit.  Often it stops working while the pump is running.  When this happens, the pump is left switched on so that it runs continuously until it burns itself out.  You can’t do regular maintenance on a float switch, you can only replace it once it fails.

What can you do?
Install a Electronic Sump Switch!  It’s inexpensive and it’s easy, and doesn't require a plumber to do it.  The SumpWatcher does what the float switch does, only much, much better.  The float switch hasn't changed much in the 75 to 80 years it’s been used to control sump pumps.  It is a mechanical device that has to eventually wear out.  The SumpWatcher, on the other hand, uses reliable microprocessor technology to control the sump pump.  In fact, the SumpWatcher is so reliable we guarantee it for life when used under normal conditions!  We can do this because our Sump Switches don't have any moving parts.  They use reliable solid state components to detect the rise and fall of the water in the sump pit.  So there is nothing to wear out!  And because it is so much smarter than a float switch it can do a lot more, like:

  • Warn you if your sump pump motor is starting to fail – so you can replace it before the water damage happens
  • Automatically adjust itself to any size sump pit – big, small: doesn't make any difference
  • Warn you if it can’t drain the sump pit – because the pipes are frozen, the pump is bad, the impeller's damaged, the cord is unplugged, whatever the reason


Easy to Install

Just plug our Electronic Sump Switch into a 115 VAC outlet, lower the sensor into the sump pit and secure it, plug the sump pump into the Electronic Sump Switch control module n' Go!






Important note: The sump pump should draw a minimum of 2.5 Amp and a maximum of 14 Amps to work with the sump switches. For smaller pumps, see our HC6000 Hi-Lo Pump Switch