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That’s right. Be ready. STOP water damage before it happens. We took the reliability and "SMARTS" of microprocessor technology and put them to work for you...to prevent water damage wherever it can happen! STAK "Watcher" products are more than just alarms. We've raised the bar and taken it a step further. Our products STOP the water BEFORE it has ruined hardwood floors, carpet, office equipment, or flooded the entire basement.

The "WasherWatcher" is SMART enough to stop your washer before the laundry tub overflows and does major damage. And it knows when it's okay to start the washer back up again so it can finish the wash cycle.

Or, take the "SumpWatcher." It's so SMART it will tell you if the sump motor is not plugged in, or if it is beginning to fail. And because it's an "electronic" float switch there is no mechanical float switch to stick, corrode, freeze up, or wear out. (Important note: the sump pump should be 1/3 HP or greater to work with the SumpWatcher)

The "WaterWatcher" is also SMARTER than any alarm. When its sensor detects water on the floor, the WaterWatcher will TURN OFF the appliance that is causing the leak. It is suitable for both home and commercial applications.

The "SumpController" is pretty smart, too. It's a solid state float switch, with many of the same features as the SumpWatcher, but lets you precisely set where the pump turns on, and where it turns off. And it will work with any size motor!

When it comes to PREVENTING water damage, use what really works. The "Watcher" products from STAK Enterprises. SMART, SAFE, RELIABLE.


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